Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A weight loss, fun weekend, and some race contemplation

Well, I don't know what to think.  My weigh in this morning was back down to 145.2.  I was super happy, but knew I was more than normal morning-lack-of-water dehydrated.  I had a small headache and that is always my biggest clue.  Anyway, I went ahead and updated my weight on my "official" page, but that always worries me. 

I have been eating super clean for the last 2 or 3 weeks.  Pretty much since I got sick.  The biggest indulgence I have is my coffee in the morning with my coffeemate creamer.  I just love the flavors of the coffeemate.  I am still drinking wine, but not as much, but I have avoided almost all carbs (the bread and potatoes kind).  I have had some sugar here and there.  Today I was up at the front of my office where there is a lot of different candy dishes, and without thinking I grabbed a handful of lemonheads and popped them in my mouth.  Afterwards I went and brushed my teeth, otherwise I would be back for more.  Overall, I'd say I'm close to 80/20 clean eating. 

This weekend I am going to Vancouver, WA (just north of Portland, OR) to take Damian to his state gymnastics meet.  I was going to stay with a friend, but when I realized that the meet was north of Portland, and she lives east of Portland and the drive to the meet would be an hour and a half from her house, after driving 4 hours the day before to get down there, I decided to just get a hotel room.  I have a friend that works at Best Western, so she gave me a friends and family deal, which is great. 

I also decided to stay for the whole weekend.  Technically Damian's meet is over early afternoon on Saturday and we could come home, but I thought it would be fun to have a fun weekend away with him.  We are going to hang out in the hot tub and the pool and just have a good weekend together.  We haven't really had a whole lot of "us" time since we moved back in with Chris 6 years ago and none since I had Maddox.  I think Damian is excited to have some one on one time with Mom.  He has always been a Mama's Boy, and I'm okay with that.  =)

However, I doubt I will run over the weekend.  I always say I will, but then something happens and I end up not doing it.  I will take my running clothes, but I doubt they will be used.  There is a fitness center, so maybe . . .

Yesterday was an "easy" 5 miles.  I am really enjoying my 5 mile runs lately.  I have some steep uphill at the beginning and then some gradual uphill for most of the rest, going downhill for the last mile or so, but I am okay with it all.  It is amazing to me that I can call that an "easy" run.  =) 

I am still contemplating running Bloomsday in Spokane this year.  I walked it last year with Nancy and enjoyed it, but we walked.  And she won't run it with me (she's not a runner).  And there is the dreaded Doomsday Hill (4th one down in the Runner's World article I linked).   I haven't been training for the Hill at all.  I think about it, and then I think I have plenty of time, but it's mid-March now, and the run in the first weekend in May . . . I need to get out of my "safezone" and do some major hill work.  All my hills are either very gradual that you don't notice when driving (you do notice while running) or really steep short ones.  Doomsday is about 0.75 miles, not toooo steep, but steeper than my gradual hills. 
The picture I took last year.  It doesn't look bad, but it's long.
I also have The Tulip Run coming up the first weekend in April.  Nancy and I walked that one in 2012 and then skipped it last year.  Nancy is not interested in doing the Tulip Run again, but I want to actually run it, so I'm going to.  A coworker has talked about running it as well, she's the one I did the Nookachamps Run with in January.  We won't run together, but it was fun to see each other before and after the Nookachamps.  =)

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  1. Can't wait to see what races you end up doing and hear your race reports!

    Enjoy your weekend away with Damian!!!