Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A post all about food

My husband, Chris, he's a fantastic guy.  He really is.  He works as a contractor for Comcast (I hate Comcast, by the way), and he works hard every day.  He works 4 10's (4 days a week for 10 hours a day).  And he has Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off.  I hate that shift because we haven't had a weekend off together for 5 years, unless he takes it off.  But it does allow us to have minimal daycare costs.  Maddox only has to go to daycare on Monday's and Tuesday's (typo) Friday's and that is nice.  It also gives him lots of bonding time with Maddox, which I think is great, especially since he didn't have that time with Damian (we were separated and getting divorced when Damian was that small). 

Because Chris is home 3 days a week, he does the cooking on those 3 days.  I cook on my days off, and we make Damian cook once a week on Mondays. Chris likes food.  Chris likes fattening food.  Chris likes potatoes.  Chris likes grease and cream and butter.  I happen to agree with him, Chris makes really good food.  His cream of potato soup is fantastic.  He makes the best sauteed mushrooms, ever (cooked in lots of butter) (and he hates mushrooms, he makes them for me).  He makes this fantastic "mock enchilada" dish with lots of chili, cheese, and corn tortillas (fried in oil), and eaten with tortilla chips.  He loves spaghetti and meatballs, and he makes it very good (however, I am not a huge fan of spaghetti). 

Do you see a pattern here?  All of Chris's food is so fattening, and unhealthy.  No wonder I gained weight when we got back together 6 years ago.  No wonder I plateau so often.  When I first started running and eating better, I ate the same foods, just less of them.  And I lost weight, and then I didn't anymore.  I started eating a little better, I started making better chicken dishes (no more chicken with mushroom gravy, except as a occasional treat).  And I lost more weight, until I didn't anymore.  Chris has never changed up his dishes.  He actually starts adding (good tasting) things to them, but often those things are not good for me foods. 

For whatever reason 3 weeks ago I started losing weight again.  I think it was because I got sick and quit eating for a couple days, a couple weekends in a row.  I noticed it on the scale and started eating much better because suddenly I was motivated again.  I have been eating lots of chicken, not fattening, breaded chicken drenched in some sauce, but plain, seasoned chicken cooked on the stovetop.  I will eat meat that Chris cooks, but have avoided most potatoes and other starches.  I started making chicken salads for lunch, and quit drinking 2 glasses of wine a day. 

Anyway, last week Chris made spaghetti, like I said above, I am not a big spaghetti fan (the best part about spaghetti is the garlic bread), so it was easy for me to say I'll just have my chicken.  When I told Chris that, he got mad at me.  I kinda yelled at him.  I told him he can eat whatever he wants, but he knows how I am trying to eat lately and I wasn't asking him to cook me something special, I'll cook it myself.  I told him that if he ever decides to try to lose weight I will support him 100% and will cook him food that is healthy, but if he is not going to cook food that is part of how I am trying to eat, then he has no right to complain about me not eating it.  He apologized and I ate my chicken (and it was good, I didn't miss the spaghetti at all). 

Sunday he made his "mock enchilada" dish.  That is probably the most unhealthy, fattening food he makes.  I said, that was fine, I was going to have my chicken.  I saw that look on is face again, the one that says he was going to get mad at me, however, he just said, okay.  I think he's accepting my food choices.  =)  Now, if only he would make some of those choices for himself.  Today he's making flank steak tacos, and I am okay with that.  I will eat those, maybe only one or two with the tortilla, and then just the meat and condiments, we'll see how I feel.  I am okay with eating some bread-type stuff, I am just trying to limit it.  I'd say it's about 80-90% out of my diet. 

Yesterday I did go for a run.  I went 5 miles.  Chris didn't get home until after 5pm and we decided to do a small shopping trip because neither one of us wanted to go shopping.  So we just did basic things we needed and I was able to do my run.  =)

Here are the pictures I tried to add yesterday, but couldn't.
D's robot is the one about to grab the ball.

And here it is about to score by putting the ball in the box.

Damian chilling at the hotel Saturday afternoon.
I have no pictures of his gymnastics meet.  He likes me to take videos, and I can't upload them. 

MaryFran asked how D did at his gymnastics meet.  I completely forgot to add that part. 

His robotics team's robot broke in the second round and they were unable to completely fix it.  They had to miss one round and then for the rest of the tournament (through Saturday) it only partly worked.  So his robotics team got 25 out of 30 teams (I think).

Damian did well in his gymnastics meet.  It wasn't his best meet of the year, but it definitely wasn't his worst.  He did qualify for regionals, so we're back to Portland in April. 


  1. I'm with you....my husband and his food choices are what derail me. I'm just trying to learn to navigate and do the best I can!

  2. Well, in my world (primal / paleo), 'fattening' when it comes to meat and full fat dairy and yes, REAL butter is healthy, actually! Bacon too! It's the starches and sugars and processed foods we have to stay away from!

    My hubby doesn't eat paleo/primal, and he works from home 3 days a week too and often cooks dinner. he knows I'm only going to eat the meat and the veggies out of whatever he cooks. I don't yell at him because he is, after all, cooking. But he -in return- respects how I eat and won't ever ask me to eat anything in particular. In fact, since I IF (intermittent fast) through dinners often, his only question is 'will you be eating tonight?' You just both need to work out the boundaries for each other, and both have to agree to respect them. I no more expect him to cook healthy for me, than I do to force him to eat primal/paleo. We are both grown ups and can make our own food choices. No guilt laying allowed on either side. It works for us. :)

    1. My really long story about how my husband cooks was more to say that he seems to finally accept that I am going to eat differently than him. I did not mean to make it sound as if I was laying a guilt trip on him, although, he has laid some on me in the past (and even last week with the spaghetti), and I probably have as well.

      We do not cook with real butter, we use margarine, I know real butter is better, but I like the taste of margarine . . . and yes, I know if I started using real butter consistently, I would get used to the taste. So I try to limit my usage of margarine.

      And I eat a lot of meat, bacon included! =) I just happen to love chicken and we have a lot of it, usually. =)