Monday, March 24, 2014

2 years

Exactly 2 years ago today I started this blog.  My first couple of posts are really, really lame, so I'm not linking them.  But I am so happy that I started this.  I only have 14 followers on Blogger (and about 11 on Bloglovin - some are repeats) so it's a small audience, but I appreciate all of you that read me.  I know I ramble, I know I don't always talk about running.  I post a lot of stuff about my family and my general life, but I write what is going through my head.  I appreciate each of you that comments, and I have started replying to your comments.  =)  Without the blogging community I would not have continued to run, nor would I have started eating so drastically different.  This blog may not be big, it may not be very interesting, but it is my little spot in the world for me to let the thoughts that are in my head out.  And I love it.  Thank you for reading.  =)

On Friday I debated whether or not to run at all.  I knew that I had already ran 4 days and I was planning to run 6 miles on Saturday (or was thinking about it).  However, I know that often I will put off my run on Saturday and then just "not feel like it" and skip it, so I thought I should go ahead and do a run Friday, just in case. 

Damian was supposed to go to gymnastics immediately after school and then immediately after that he had baseball practice.  Since I get off work at 1pm on Fridays I decided that I would get out the treadmill and run while Maddox is napping before D is out of school.  Like I've said multiple times lately, I hate the treadmill so I decided to do some speed work, which I don't ever do.  I did intervals.  I ran half a mile warm up at a comfortable speed (6mph, or 10 min/mile), then I sped it up to 8mph (7.5 min/mile) for half a mile, then down to 5mph (12 min/mile) for a quarter of a mile. I did this 4 times.  This was a very hard, but satisfying, workout for me.  I haven't ever been really concerned about speeding up, but I enjoyed the variety on the treadmill.  It went much, much faster than just running one speed for 4 or 5 miles.  I might do this every Friday, especially since D is always super busy in the spring and it's possible I won't have him to watch Maddox much for me during the week.

The total mileage for my intervals was 3.5, and honestly, I don't think I could have gone farther.  It was that hard, especially the last interval.  I suppose I could have sped the treadmill up to a 6 again and done one more half mile, but I was literally dripping by the time I was done.  I can't believe that some people do that 6 or 8 times.  I guess I may need to work on that.  =)

Saturday I got my nails done.  I have been getting my nails done for a couple months now and it's not that notable.  I wouldn't even bring it up today except while I was there on Saturday there was a mother with her 4 daughters (preteen to late teen) and grandson (1 yr old from the oldest daughter) getting their nails done.  I watched the family while I was there, and I watched the grandson take some of his very first steps.  He was very, very adorable.  Anyway, they were talking about what they needed to do while they were in town, they listed off several stores and errands and the nail lady asked where they were from.  They said Darrington.  Darrington is a very small community, kinda in the middle of nowhere.  This is not anything interesting . . . until I got home and was watching the news.  There was a large mudslide in that area. 

As I have watched the news all weekend and then this morning, I have wondered about that family.  Was the father at home when it happened?  How about the father of the grandson?  How did that family get home and who did they know that is still missing or has been confirmed dead.  Since it is such a small community, I know that they know everyone there.  I came from a small community (500 people in the town I went to school in) and I knew pretty much everyone there, or at least their names.  Anyway, as of this morning there were 8 confirmed dead and "dozens" missing. 

I did not run on Saturday.  I did some cleaning in the house, and in the yard.  And then watched Frozen with Maddox.  =) 

~As a side note~ Have you read this story about my neighbors?  Oh and then this story. Well, last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago) the neighbor wife came over again and told me that she finds it "very suspicious" that her husband and I are always leaving and coming home at the same times.  I have no idea if it happens or not, I don't pay any attention to them or what they do.  The first incident happened almost a year ago and even though we were once friendly, I pretty much never talk to either of them, or even care to anymore.  I told her (again) that nothing is going on, that I don't want to sleep with her nasty husband.  I should have just said why are you still on this?  get over it and let me live my life.  But I didn't, I was polite and listened to her.  So yesterday I was outside in my driveway (let me say that again) MY driveway, and the husband was working on his motorcycle in his driveway.  He looks at me and says "why do you have to do that there?"  And then 2 min later says "well, I have to go inside so I don't get divorced."  How ridiculous. ~end rant~

Yesterday I ran for 8 miles.  And honestly, I felt really good.  I just picked my last 8 mile run and did it again.  I don't know if I'll increase the miles next week, but my 8 mile runs are feeling awesome.  =)  However, I did notice that I have lots of blisters on my toes.  One even formed under one that had popped and was healing (the healing one didn't hurt, the other one hurt badly) and another right next to that.  I desperately need new shoes.  I showed Chris my toes and told him I may dip into the house account to buy my shoes and reimburse it when I get paid because I seriously don't think I can last another 2 weeks with these shoes.  I saw a question on Facebook awhile ago from another running page (I don't remember which one) that asked what would you rather have, blisters or shin splints.  Well, I have suffered from shin splints pretty regularly since starting running, and now that I have multiple blisters, I would say I would rather have shin splints.  Blisters suck.  (Since I'm linking old posts, here are couple from when I started running about blisters.  First one and then my solution, if you don't read those, just remember, don't use duct tape on blisters.)

One last thing, my weight has stayed steady at 147.2.  It fluctuates up some and yesterday it was down to 145.8 after my run, but most mornings it's at 147.2.  I am happy with that number, yes, I wish it would go down again, but for now I will remember that 2 years ago I was around 172 (after losing 5 lbs) and a year ago I was at 154.  It may not be a huge loss, but it is a loss, and that is a step in the right direction.  =)

A little over 2 years ago. (I thought I looked great,
I had lost 10 or so lbs.  Plus I was breast feeding,
so my boobs were huge.)



  1. Well now you make me want to go back and read your lame-o posts.....if for nothing other than to make me feel better about my utterly retarded posts that I occasionally put up!

    Your neighbors need to grow up!

    I'm glad that your blog has been the prompt to keep you running and help you live a healthier life. I simply find it amazing how much my blog keeps me on track! (and when I don't post it's usually a bad sign)

    1. Oh, please don't read them. The only reason they are there is because they were the first ones. I don't believe I have ever read one of yours that was "utterly retarded." =)