Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa picture and a Christmas tree

I had really good intentions to try to catch up on my blog reading this weekend.  I am sooooo far behind.  I got behind at Thanksgiving and then I've been pretty busy since then and haven't read as much as I usually do.  When I have a few moments lately, I've been trying to write something so I haven't read as much as I'd like to.  In all the people that I follow, they are still on Thanksgiving.  =)

Anyway, at Frickin' Fabulous at 40 Linda posted this article about pledging to run at least 1 mile every day after Thanksgiving through the first of the year.  I really like the idea, so I have decided to do it.  Since I didn't read the article until last Friday, I (obviously) was unable to start until then.  And then I modified it to fit me, and decided that I would do some sort of exercise every day, instead of just running.  I like to do zumba, but I don't feel like I have enough time to go for a mile run and go to zumba, so if I'm doing zumba I'm not going to run.  However, on my rest days, I will run the 1 mile. 

It definitely motivated me to go to zumba Saturday morning.  It was supposed to be super windy here Saturday and as you all know, I hate the wind, so I decided to go to zumba instead, especially since I missed it on Tuesday.  Zumba starts at 9am on Saturday, and I am usually still drinking coffee and starting my day at that time (I'm usually awake at 7, just slower to get my day going on the weekend).  Anyway, the thought of a horrible run in the wind really made me get out the door at 8:50 (zumba is really close).  Man, Saturday is the day everyone does zumba!  It was really crowded, 10 min to get there, get checked in, and reserve my back row spot was not enough time. 

Last week was another blur.  Thursday we went to Lynnwood for family pictures.  Like I said on Wednesday (I didn't realize I haven't posted since last Wednesday) we had a groupon for pictures.  A few weeks ago I made the appt at JC Penney, where I thought the groupon was for.  Well, Thursday I decided I should print it out and luckily noticed the groupon was actually for Sears, not Penney's.  Unfortunately, we didn't have an appt at Sears.  I seriously didn't know what to do.  I called my sister in a panic (we were supposed to have dinner with them after pictures).  She said to call Sears and see if they have any appts.  Luckily we were able to get in at 7pm.  So we just rearranged all our plans and did pictures last. 

We went to do Santa pictures with Maddox at the mall in Lynnwood because we now had lots of time before pictures and dinner.  I expected to have to wait in line for awhile, but was hoping since it was a week day and before 5, the line wouldn't be too horrible.  To my immense surprise, there was no line at all.  I have never been to that Santa without at least a 2 hour line.  Thinking back though, I always went on Saturday.  Now I know, I need to go on the week day!
We wandered around the mall a little, and ended up buying a stuffed Mickey Mouse for Maddox.  Since we are going to Disneyland in March, we really want him to know, at the very least, Mickey so that it is a little exciting for him.  =)

Anyway, we had dinner with my sister and her husband and then went back to the mall to get our family pictures done.  Last year we went to Walmart and, while the girl was very nice, I was a little disappointed in the professionalism of the photos.  So I thought going to Sears would be better, since they are twice as expensive there.  However, she really rushed us through.  Several of the pictures I'm really unhappy with how I look.  I guess I just expected the photographer to make sure hair and clothes and everything looked good . . . she didn't.  =/  We got very nice pictures, but I was hoping for a little "more."  I guess I need to go to a freelance type photographer, maybe they will be more personable. 

After Chris and I got back together we started collecting icicle ornaments for each year we've been together.  We even went back and bought them for all the years before (including years we weren't together because we were always off and on anyway).  But the specific icicles we get are only in a store in Lynnwood.  We started doing it as a couple, but because I am the only one to go to Lynnwood regularly, the task has fallen on me to get them.  We've even had my sister get a couple when I couldn't make it down there.  This year, I decided that since Chris and I were going to be in Lynnwood together, we were going to get our icicle together, like we are supposed to.  So, after pictures we had to go to Wight's (the store) and get the icicle.  I have also been getting an ornament for every year for Damian and I started with Maddox last year, so we wandered around looking ornaments for them.  D had the idea to get a nutcracker with Maddox every year, so he started that too.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of money.  =)

Yesterday, Chris got off early so we went to get a Christmas tree.  We go to a place where you cut your own.  We spent forever looking for a nice tree.  He finally find a beautiful 8 foot tree.  However, our living room isn't that tall, so we cut some of it off.  Well we got home and I thought we still needed to cut more . . . now we have a tree that is shorter than Chris.  =(  I am so annoyed about it.  Every time I look at the tree it makes me even more mad. 

We propped it up on cinder blocks to make it a little taller, but it still pisses me off.  Anyway, we got out the lights.  Unfortunately, none of the lights worked, so now we have a tiny tree sitting on cinder blocks with no lights.  Fortunately, Maddox wanted to help and decorated the tree with his socks.  =)

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