Monday, December 17, 2012

Exercise streak . . . kaput

I'm currently reading a book titled "Getting Over It."  I like "girly" books that are just that, aimed towards females, usually have a romantic part in them, but are not smut . . . think "Confessions of a Shopaholic" or something along those lines.  Anyway, in this book the main character's father dies very unexpectedly.  This book has made me think a bit about my parents.  I am at an age where I think about my parents dying, they are getting older, 67 (I think), and my Dad's health is not very good.  He's been a farmer his entire life and my Mom is a terrible cook so there's lots and lots of processed, high sodium foods in their diets, and he's overweight and doesn't take care of himself (neither does my Mom).   Last year he had a minor heartattack and was told to lose weight, which he hasn't done. 

Anyway, my sisters and my Mom and I have talked about what would happen when my Dad dies.  What my Mom would do, where she would live, things like that.  But lately I've wondered "what would happen if my Mom were to be the one that died first."  It happens.  One person is the one in bad health, and then suddenly the spouse dies unexpectedly. 

It scares me to death to think of one of my parents dying, and yet they are not young anymore.  They will die eventually, most likely before I do.  My Dad's dad died in his early 50's of a heart attack.  My Mom's dad died in his mid-70's.  My Dad's mom died at 79 and my Mom's mom died in her early 80's.  These aren't necessarily young numbers (well, expect for my paternal Grandpa), but they are coming quicker than I expected.  Already my parents are close to being 70 and while I like to think of them as younger people, there are tell-tale signs that they are getting older. 

My Dad's hearing is horrible.  My Mom's coordination sucks.  In one email she can describe 5 (minor) incidents where she hurt herself.  She was an RN at a nursing home until this year, and she described a horrible incident where she got patients meds screwed up.  If it had been worse, someone could have died from my Mom's mistake.  (I'm thankful no one did, and that she retired, it was time.) 

I totally gave up on my exercise streak.  I missed Thursday because of Damian's basketball game.  If I had thought about it, I would have run during my lunch break, but for some reason I thought I would have the opportunity between work and his game.  I completely forgot that I have to drive 40 min to the game which started at 5pm and I get off at 4 . . . Anyway, I was unsure I was going to run that day anyway. 

I did do 4.5 miles on Friday, but then on Saturday I was going to go to zumba before going to Lynnwood to see my sister.  Well, zumba was closed that day and I didn't run.  And then yesterday I was completely lazy.  By the time I decided I would go, my phone was almost dead, and I can't run without it.  It has my music (actually, right now I'm listening to an audiobook) and my app that tells me how far/how fast I go.  So already that's 2 days of no running (on a weekend, which is terrible).

Then today is another basketball game, which I will have to drive to (only 20 min this time) but I have court (for work) so I can't go during lunch.  Tomorrow is another basketball game, which is in Mt. Vernon, so I may be able to go right after work, but I'm thinking I probably won't.  I may be able to do a short run during lunch tomorrow though, so we'll see.  Wednesday is a hair appt, but I should have time afterwards to go . . .

Anyway I'm definitely going to have 3 days in a row of no exercise, with possibly 4 days.  =/

Our chair is old and broken, it flipped over when
Maddox crawled on it with Damian. =)

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